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Blues Get Needed Palmer W, Will Need Bonus Point Victory Over Metro to Secure Playoffs

The Blues came into this past weekend needing a win, and they got one in a game that became close, but still resulted in a victory over Palmer 34-26. Tries by Chandler Owens, Danny Apgar, Chase Higgins, Aren Martin, and Javarious Burris sealed the deal in what was a dominant performance that did not reflect on the scoreboard. The reason? Complacency. The Blues rested on their laurels and ended up letting Palmer score a few tries late to make it interesting. Something that the coaches and executives want to see gone before an upcoming decisive matchup versus Metropolis. Other than that, a big win plus a loss from Metro to Wisconsin puts the Blues in a prime spot to secure a playoff spot.

They'll need all they've got, however, as Metropolis is the same team that bested the Blues 17-37 earlier in the season. In order to get the bonus point to ensure edge over Metro, the Blues must win, and win heavily. The point differential between playoff contention and the Blues can shift by the Blues coming out and handling Metro by about 3 scores, which is no easy feat. The Blues are up to the task however, and will have time to prepare with a bye week. As it stands, they have a shot, but diamonds are not made without pressure. This team will know pressure as it comes into the weekend of October 8th, but will stay cool with good preparation, good rest and recovery, and playing Blues rugby. As many athletes and rugby players as the Blues have, depth is not an issue and the Blues will have an ample pool of players to choose from to be on that roster. With competition at basically every position, but more specifically at prop, hooker, and scrum half, this type of healthy competition among teammates will forge out the best and brightest of the group. This Saturday's D3 matchup in St. Louis against the Royal Ramblers could pose some potential questions as to who will be travelling and the competition at certain positions.

The key now is effort, rugby intelligence, and execution. All can be ironed out over these next two weeks, and the Blues can truly show what they're made of and be at their best by adhering to standout coach Derek Pearson's ideologies as well as their own energy they bring to the table. With an away game, the Blues will also face the challenge of travel, however building towards a committed and talented core over these next two weeks will help with that immensely. The Blues don't quite have the consistency they want to regularly win games, but that can all change in the span of two weeks. The building towards greatness continues, and we will see who is truly up to the challenge of winning a playoff spot and beyond.

Burn Notice: 10/10 Blue flames licking at the heels of the competition

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