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Blues Fall Season Preview

Quick turnaround right? That's the way it goes here in Rugbyland. 7s basically running straight into Fall with a little break in between. The Blues will have their first full team meeting August 16th, with practice starting on the 18th running every Tuesday and Thursday until the end of the season. To top off the busy month of August, the Blues will hold a preseason camp August 27th at Shawnee Mission East High School, and have the Blues Golf Tournament (Hosted by yours truly) tomorrow at noon. The golf tournament has sold out though, thank you to all who signed up and let's have a great day out on the green tomorrow!

Event promotion aside though, Blues rugby looks poised to be a contender this year. Though a bit undersized, the physicality isn't lost on this crew, and going from 7s right into 15s will help in speed, agility, passing, open field tackling, and overall fluidity. With how 7s season ended with a gold medal at the Show Me State Games, the boys look to build off that momentum. Wanna come be a part of it? Message me and I can send you practice and event details! As I said before, the Blues could use some size, and no experience is required to come out. It'll only make Kansas City's premier rugby team better.

Moving on, once again from my incredible promotion skills (you're jealous, I know) Expect to see some gameday previews and event updates! Not only that, but my FIRST EVER interview will be with Coach Derek Pearson, head coach of the 15s side. More details will be given in the coming days, but expect to see that next week. We'll be talking high school and college rugby around the area, recruiting, the schedule, building a good forward pack this season, and the overall expectations of the boys this year. We'll also be talking other sports too, and I know for a fact you lot will want to see me roast NOTED RAIDERS ENJOYER Derek Pearson (About the only unlikeable quality of the guy...) Kansas City's rugby team could use the support though, heading into the decade Kansas City could very well cement ourselves into Rugby World Cup Host contention. Show that rugby is booming here, and we'll be a shoe-in for yet another international event. It all counts on the fans, and the grassroots development. Build it, and they will come, so come be a part of something great and see the Blues some time.

Burn Notice: 10/10 Blue flames, baby

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