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Blues Come Up Short for Playoffs, Set for One Last Hurrah at the Show-Me Games

In what was a valiant effort, but just too little, too late, the Blues fall just short of the National Playoff. Placing 5th in the last qualifying tournament, it wasn't enough to catapult them into the National Playoff pool. That is not for lack of trying though, and the qualifying side still has youth that can be built upon and developed. They showed that these last couple of tournaments. Not everything was perfect, but the Blues go into the Show-Me Games in Columbia, Missouri with a motivation and poise to place 1st and earn that gold medal. Though perhaps not the National Playoff they had hoped for, they will be ready to make a deep run this coming fall and next summer, and will show off just how good this team can be against some of Missouri and some of the Midwest's best.

"Let's go win us a gold medal this weekend." Coach Scott Kram exclaimed at the end of practice. Last year's 2nd place wasn't enough, it's time to win for the Blues and end this season on a high note. A win would charge this team into the Fall season full throttle to face what will be a tough Metropolis opponent their first go around September 3rd. The Minneapolis-based team is a regular contender, and will be a tough matchup, so fireworks are bound to happen. This tournament win will only benefit the morale and tenacity of this already motivated and tenacious team. The stuff goes a long way in rugby, believe me. I've played a while. Saturday will be a good test to see just how much drive this team has, and if things go well, we could see a great 15's squad come Fall. Come see it some time.

Burn Notice: 10/10 Blues about to #BurnItDown

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