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Big Blues Weekend: Must Win vs. Metro and City Week for D3

The Blues have an all important weekend of rugby ahead of them. Matchups that will prove to be challenging, but certainly not insurmountable. Let's get into the details a bit.

First we have D3, with the heated, storied rivalry of KCRFC vs. The Blues once again writing another chapter. A good roster full of on the bubble type guys looking to prove themselves worthy of D1 rugby will make an appearance, with top tier level guys such as Jordan Rice, Omar Tapia, Jon Khalil, Cartin Martin, Connor Burke, and more all playing with a chip on their shoulder. Not only for the rivalry, but for the chance to break into that D1 roster spot and stay there. City however also looks to have a solid roster, with former Blue Afa Tapusoa, Alex Quinn, and Kaleb Land all rounding out what will be a tough, but beatable City squad. The D3 boys will have to remain structured, physical, and fluid, as well as learn from their mistakes a week ago against the Royal Ramblers. With that D1 talent though however, the boys look poised to give City a good showing. Pride is at stake as always for the inner city rivalry, and we will see fireworks at City Park come tomorrow.

As for the D1 squad, they travel up to Minneapolis to take on the revered Metropolis Rugby Club in a playoff spot showdown. Metropolis dropped a game after collapsing against Wisconsin last week, and they will look to correct that error with a good showing here. D1 had an intense and productive showing at practice this week, and look ready to meet the challenge that will meet them tomorrow. Building off the Metropolis loss in that first week, they will have to remain physical, prevent mistakes such as dropped balls and missed tackles, show off the strides they've made in conditioning, and be at the ready for a dog fight that could very well be one of the biggest matchups in Blues regular season history. A pack consisting of dominating presences such as Isikeli Fukofuka, Matt Wirken, Stephen Lomas, and with a special appearance from regular D1 back Kyle Renner at 8 man. The gents look to combine speed and tenacity, and have stacked this roster with athletes. Some D3 standouts are also making the trip in Luke Christensen, Ryan Ellison, Konnor Thompson, and Blakeston Bryant all getting into the fold. It will be a test, but a test that every single man on the roster is prepared for. Travel will play a factor, but the Blues have won bigger tests against more adversity. Another barnburner, all Blues fans should find their way to City Park, or (if you're not in Minneapolis) pay attention to the scores and potential live on the KC Blues Facebook page. These will be two epic contests that, if won, will bring the Blues a sweet, sweet tasting victory weekend, playoff berth, and rivalry win. The Blues will need all your support, let's push the lads to victory this Saturday!

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