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Are There Any Chiefs Coaches on the Hot Seat This Year?

The Chiefs are good, like REALLY good. Like winning the last 6 Division Championships good, so why am I asking this question? Well, two coaches, maybe even three, on the Chiefs staff could very well be elsewhere by the end of the season, for good reasons and perhaps for bad. For guys like Eric Bienemy, he could be a head coach by next year, then again it's also possible he doesn't get that chance due to the rumblings both in and out of the Chiefs organization. It rumored, not quite fact, that Bienemy has lost favor with Patrick Mahomes too, and judging by the way Brett Veach is shaping this team if Mahomes doesn't like you and you don't do the job right, you're on the hot seat. He's far from the most endangered out of the three whose seats are a bit warm, again it's rumor that there's vitriol and possible Bienemy shortcomings that could derail his tenure as offensive coordinator. Let's look at the other two.

Former Bears head coach and Chiefs offensive coordinator Matt Nagy was hired on as quarterbacks coach as Mike Kafka goes to greener (At least in money, not really in prestige, you could have thrown a middle schooler who's really good at Madden into the Giant's OC position and they would've done better.) pastures with the New York Giants as offensive coordinator. For Nagy, this is a prove it or lose it year. He's successful, and he redeems a tarnished reputation and could see praise like he hasn't seen since he was OC. He fails, much like he did with Justin Fields which worries me, and he's more than likely out in KC. Nobody ruins Patrick, and I think the Chiefs are bent on keeping it that way. Will being back with Andy Reid reawaken Nagy's coaching prowess? We shall see. Until then his butt's a little hot.

Finally, we get to defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo. Spags, at least in my opinion, is the victim of not having the right tools for the job. He's a pretty good defensive coordinator, with how his defenses find their form toward the middle and end of the season he gets a bad rap. That's just it though, those beginning of the season woes have to g0. The Chiefs have a ruthless schedule this year that will test this defense, and there is little if any room for error if the Chiefs want to keep this streak alive. The offense is spectacular, but they can't bail this team out every year. It's not feasible, and Spagnuolo, with a lot of new tools on this defense, will have to show out if he expects to stay on the team. I have a feeling Andy Reid and ownership will not be so lenient this year. This defense is young, and will have shortcomings, but they have to make up for it by putting the best guys in the best spots and by limiting as many points as possible so the offense can cook. Though offensively minded, the Chiefs defense will have to be at the very least serviceable if they have any shot.

Overall, nobody on the Chiefs is in a ton of danger, at least not yet. This year will be a major proving year for a lot of guys both in the player and personnel department, with a tough division ahead and a tough schedule it will be a true litmus test for this potential dynasty. Time will only tell.

Burn Notice: 10/10 Hot seats sound pretty terrible to be on with this heat wave...

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