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An Open and Honest Letter to Whit Merrifield and Hunter Dozier

Dearest Whitley and Hunter,

First and foremost, thank you for all you've done to make this organization a whole 0.2% better over the years. Your contributions have been negligible at worst and decent at best, which from you two is about what we expected once we realized what kind of players you were. However, this past week among other weeks in your career your actions have provided a guiding light and an opportunity for young, spry, and energetic guys that want to make this club better and actually want to play get their shot. I will now address you separately, as this next part is probably something that you don't want to hear.

Whit, your comments on 610 reflect how big of a hypocrite you are. You say you love Kansas City, the Royals made your career, and yet you stab us in the back with poor performance over not one, but the past two years, an apathy unlike anything the Royals fanbase has seen (believe me, we KNOW apathy), a complete disregard for public and team health, and to top it all off, insulting the team that made you by saying "I'll get vaxxed if I play for a contender." Do you, in any type of way, think that will ATTRACT contenders? Do you think your play does??? Get OVER yourself man, you have to at least show an effort. The damage control you've done has been horrendous too, and I'll be surprised if a contender even signs you to a MINOR league deal let alone anything of note for everything you've said. Attitude matters remember? At least we'll probably get something good for you because I guess you were an All Star at one point. Hopefully that will up the value, as that's all you are to your so-called "beloved" city. Just another guy on the trade block. You've killed your relationship with your biggest supporters and I don't think anyone will be sad to see you go now. Good riddance.

As for you Hunter, do you think living a "healthy lifestyle" excuses you in any way from letting down your teammates, fans, and organization? I'm not going to go into the whole COVID debate, as I know to some that doesn't matter here, but it's the complete apathy and narcissism that we're all particularly mad about. It shows your character, as it does with the rest of the 10 that couldn't make it up to Toronto. You are just a microcosm of an abject failure of an organization, an organization that refuses to give good product to its fans. Even if Royals baseball was worth anything we wouldn't be able to watch it, but I've harped on that quite enough. My beef is with you and Whit here. You two are not team players, you're prima donnas who don't deserve to be on a contending team with how you've acted in adversity. Again, it truly shows character. I get it, this is definitely not the best organization in baseball, it's one that enabled the apathetic and selfish behaviors of you two and others, however if you or anyone on that list gave a damn about Kansas City you would've tried to build this team back into a contender by being a mentor to the young guys, caring about others in the organization and in the city, and you would've been accountable for your actions. You weren't though, and it shows not only how good of players you are, but how good of MEN you are.

I rest my case, no funny business in this article, just vitriol. As is deserved for two mediocre excuses of professional athletes and men. You've made your stances known, now get out so we can focus on the new blood that actually cares about this team and wants to make a better product for the great and supportive fanbase of Kansas City. You're no different than Tyreek Hill when he left with the Chiefs, you could've been like Salvy or Sweeney, Kansas City legends that stuck with us through EVERYTHING and legitimately cared about their fans and this city. This is the saddest part in all of this. Do better.


An Justifiably Angry Royals Fanbase

Burn Notice: 10/10 #BurnItDown and fire everyone. Start over.

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