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A Day in the Life of the G.O.A.T.: "Quarterback" Premieres on Netflix

If you're one of the lucky "few" to have Netflix still (Let's be honest, a lot of y'all proved you can't in fact live without it based on the sales numbers Netflix is boasting. SMH. You gotta make the corporations actually pay when they pull stupid stuff like Netflix did!) Then you probably have seen previews for a new show titled "Quarterback". The show details the on the field persona as well as goes behind the scenes of both the on and off the field lives of three different NFL quarterbacks. The personalities featured include Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins, former Falcons quarterback (and now Eagles backup quarterback) Marcus Mariota, and to the delight of many a Chiefs fan, Patrick Mahomes, along with their families, friends, and teammates. The show premiered today and so far, has accumulated many a positive review. The parts where Patrick Mahomes is specifically featured have shown to be the main event by the looks of it, but maybe that's because I'm in a Chiefs bubble of sorts. Who knows.

This got me thinking though. Obviously, athletes have been in the public eye for a very long time, really since sports became a staple of our culture. Athletes are celebrities now, with their own brands, posses, and images to keep up. They're idolized, revered, and in some cases, dragged through the dirt when slip-ups and mistakes are made. However, we must remind ourselves that they're human beings, same as we are, with lives, families, friends, personalities, strengths, and flaws. When shows like this come about, many of them are praised for their authenticity of showing who these athletes really are as people, some would argue though that these shows only promote the celebrity image and not the real person. Me personally? I think there's a fine line of what you can show the public eye and what you can't, and these guys understand that while this is meant to be a behind the scenes look at their lives as people, cameras are still on and there's still a public image to be upheld. We still only scratch the surface of who these men really are with shows like these, which is why when shows like these come out, we have to have an understanding of that we are still only offered a small glimpse into who these guys really are.

Idolism can be dangerous, and while shows like these are promoting the authenticity and human nature of these athletes, we cannot even begin to understand the trials and tribulations these guys battle every day. As candid as it may seem, the only judgement we can make on these men is what we see, and I know if it were me in front of that camera there are certain things that I would and would not mention. Please be mindful when watching this show and remind yourselves that these guys are human beings, judged not lest you be judged, and be reminded of the times where these guys were judged at face value and look them while they're in a more candid environment how you can via this show. Hopefully, this show can show what it's like to be in the public eye rather than just being another tool of the public to judge upon. Be reminded that there is so much more to being human than meets the eye, and be reminded that these guys are human beings too.

Burn Notice: 9/10 No I do not have Netflix back, yes I will be buying it again soon solely for this show (And I Think You Should Leave because that show is hilarious)

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